Monday, February 10, 2014

2/10/2014 Stoning our house


Some visual progress, but with some more tough lessons.  Stone masonry is a skill that neither Debra nor I have any experience with.  Of course having no experience with something has historically caused us to take that as a challenge.  Another case of what we thought would be a weekend job, of course turns into something much more.  Lesson learned:  cement eventually loses it's adhesive properties even if it appears wet enough to continue its work.  Results?  We were half way up the rock wall surrounding our fireplace when one of the heavier stones dislodged itself and dropped down, causing a cascade failure of just about everything below it.  We lost half a day or more clearing up the mess and starting over.  Not fun, but lesson well learned.  Take things a little slower until you're sure of your skills, and carefully time your product so as not to over reach its or your capabilities.
Our starting pallet and a clean slate.

So far, so good.

We made it up to the base of the mantle before the top stone collapsed down and obliterated the rest.

Recovery from our accident and progress again being made.  I love visual progress!