Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6/3/2015 Finishing Touches

We have completed a few more final touches to the house and yard that have us looking more like a completed home.  The trim is installed, and all that remains inside is to finish staining the windows.  This of course does not include the basement, which we will not be finishing for a few more years.  Outside is the big news, with our landscaper returning to finish the grounds outside.  Everything is going to be natural stone, mulch, and native plantings.  My one main requirement was that there would not be one blade of grass that would require regular mowing, and Jake from J&B Landscaping and his crew are taking care of that in a gorgeous way.

The stairway, with plenty of natural light, leading to the basement.  We finished the trim and the window up above.

Once you turn left at the bottom of the stairs, this is our entrance to the main basement.  On the near left is the door to our cold storage/root cellar/storm bunker.  You can see beyond the french doors that the basement is raw open stud walls for now, with future completion a few years down the road.  The floor plan for this room is shown in a previous entry on the printed floor plan.
Lower level front "before" picture.
Lower level front "in progress" picture.
Upper level front "before".
Upper level front "in progress".