Monday, January 14, 2013

1/14/2013 Just a short update

1/14/2013 Just a short update to let you know where we are at this point.  Because our delivery date was postponed and we lost the window to put up our shell as we had planned, we've been trying to fill the space with other items that will come up eventually.  We have had several meetings with our kitchen designer, and should have one later this week to finalize our choices for tile and cabinet options.  I've met with our Energy Cooperative to talk about some of the rebates and tax incentives we will qualify for with this home design.  We looked at garage doors and have been discussing how we want to finish the exposed exterior basement walls in the lower walk-out area. We're probably going to look at shingles this week, as the roof will be going on within about 4-5 days of starting the shell.  We had an unexpected spell of warm weather last week with the unfortunate side effect that we had several days of rain instead of the usual snow for this season.  Anticipating that, The crew made the effort to cover and protect the exposed floor deck to prevent as much moisture as possible from contacting it before we could finish enclosing the house.  Later this week we are going to be installing a temporary heat source in the basement so the plumber and the Geothermal crews can start laying the pipes and placing the tubing for the in-floor heat.  beyond these peripheral items, the big date we are looking forward to now is the 28th of January, when the crew is due to return and start erecting the walls and placing the roof.  The anticipation is killing us!  Stay tuned.
Temporary tarps and plastic sheeting to protect from rain and snow.

We're going to try and warm this space so we can proceed with necessary interior items.