Monday, January 28, 2013

1/28/2013 - Not a good start for the week.

1/28/2013 - Not a good start for the week.  Harsh winter weather (it is Wisconsin after all) has delayed our build yet again.  Because our house package was not delivered by the agreed upon date, all our schedules down stream from there have been adversely affected.  The crew that was supposed to set the shell had other jobs arranged as well as ours, and when ours could not be done on the original schedule, we had to adjust.  Now with the weather we've been experiencing, that crew is further delayed in getting back to help us erect the shell."Maybe the second week of February" is the latest word.  Schedule delays, cost overruns, typical Wisconsin Winter weather, are all conspiring to make this process terribly stressful, and is accelerating the gray accumulation in my hair.  (Sigh!).  Please stand by.  Any changes will be posted here first.