Saturday, June 22, 2013


We camped out at the house last night so we could work on things today together.  We had some serious storms come through, and as heavily insulated as the house is, we could barely tell the wind was blowing outside.  That makes for some restful sleep for a person who gets extremely nervous in bad weather.  Having previously survived having a house dismantled around your ears by a tornado while you are in it will do that to a person.  We got a bunch of stuff cleaned up and put away all our tools so the drywall finishers will have a clean slate Monday.  In order to have the main bathroom ready for drywall finishing, we needed the shower installed.  We've been fighting with the plumbing contractor to get it done right since this project started.  As usual, when you can't get someone else to do something, you do it yourself. 
We did get a rare chance to relax for a short time and actually enjoy our surroundings.  We sat on the partially finished deck to eat our breakfast, and watched a pair of last years twin fawns (brother and sister) wander almost underneath our elevated deck as they sauntered by the house.  They got within 20 feet of us and were completely unconcerned as they passed by.  later we had a little spotted fawn (without his mother) trot right under our bedroom window on his way through.  We can't help but feel relaxed and feel the tensions of the day to day slip away when you are in an environment like this.  We can't wait for this to be our every day, full time home!

Our little neighbor coming up to greet us.

If you can't get the people who are paid to finish a task do what is needed, you simply do it yourself if you want the project to progress.  We seem to be doing that more and more as we go along.  The curved doors will go on after paint and tile are finished