Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well, we're on our way again.  The drywall finishers have been hard at it the last two days, and it's good to see positive progress on the house.  I stopped early this morning to hook up a dehumidifier to aid in removing all that excess moisture that's being introduced via the tape and mud process.


All the corners are going to be rounded bullnose rather than sharp 90 degree corners.  We like the smooth appearance this gives, and considering the round design of the house, it seemed appropriate.

Everything is coming together quite smoothly.  After priming they will do a knock-down finish to give depth and texture to the ceilings.
An artist at work.  This is one portion of the build I had no intention of touching.

We're hoping to have tape and texture done by July 4th, so we can paint that weekend. :)