Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/17/2013 Kitchen completion


Who would think something as simple as flush toilets would feel like winning the lottery?  The plumbing has been fully hooked up, so now we finally have running water, flush toilets, and operational tub and showers. No more dry chem camp toilet and having to shower at work after working on the house.  The last of the counter tops arrived and were installed yesterday morning.  Also we fastened the last kitchen cabinet to the wall as we worked towards another midnight.  It feels like a huge weight has been lifted now that we have that task completed.  We still have some crown molding to attach and the back half of the island to wrap, but all the major players are in place now.

Finally we will have some real counter space to work with.  Our current house has barely 1/4 this much.  We're very excited with this work space.  We love to cook together in the kitchen and this will make that so much easier.

The "scary" wall of cabinets.  This was the most challenging section because everything is on a different level and depth.  This also made the crown molding a most challenging task.  We'll get the microwave/range hood mounted later this week, and we're still waiting for the rest of our door/drawer hardware to arrive too.

The island partially complete and needing the bar section wrapped.  We have to wait until the electrician comes tomorrow to finish wiring it first though.