Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15/2013 Ready for inspection


Well, we are closer, but still a long way to go.  We have what we believe are the necessary steps complete to satisfy the building inspector to let us have an occupancy permit.  With that final step, we can officially move in and start to prep the other house for sale while we continue to work on this one so we can finally close on our loan.  Since my last post we have finished wiring and wrapping the island, finished tiling our entryway, had our under cabinet lighting installed, had a landscaper bring in final fill material, and finished surfacing the fireplace front.  Still to do: Install carpet in the walk-in closet and on the stairs, finish building the shower in the master bath, tile the tub front and wall in the master bath, stain and install all the interior doors, stain and install all interior wood trim, set the mantle, hearth, and wall of stone on the fireplace, attach the faux rock on the outside of the chimney race, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch more.  We're very pleased and proud of all the things we've done on the house to date, but then we look at all the things we still have to do and it brings us back to earth pretty abruptly.

Seven LARGE dump truck loads of fill were brought in and rough sculpted to blend the house into the hillside and to take care of some erosion.  Also three loads of gravel to raise the driveway by the garage for proper drainage and repair some low spots left undone by a previous contractor.  Next Spring we will have some good black dirt brought in for plantings and final landscaping.
Finally closed up the fireplace wall in preparation for all the stone work we are going to do.  That also allowed us to finish attaching the rest of the fireplace parts, to include the door, so now we can safely have a fire in it!  This was the first fire of the year and the first in the new house.  All we had at hand were scrap cardboard and paper, but a fire is a fire when it's ceremonial only.

Final wiring and wrap to complete the Island.  This is officially my favorite place to sit while planning what to work on next. :)

This is the largest format tile we have worked on up to now.  these are 18X18 tiles and require much more care in making sure you have a level and properly prepared floor than the 6X6 and 12X12 tiles in the rest of the house.  Otherwise you are sure to have cracking and shifting somewhere down the road.