Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11/19/2013 More tile


I think if I had a choice, (and only if there are no timeline pressures) I would much rather tile than paint.  We're finally down to the last portion of the house that needs tile, and we saved the biggest for last.  We (Debra?) decided in the 11th hour that our master bath would look better with the walls around the tub tiled all the way up to the window, and on three walls instead of just the back splash border we had originally planned on.  I resisted as much as I thought was safe, but ultimately gave in to some one who obviously has way more decorating sense than I do.  Now that I see what the finished product is going to look like, I'm very glad I did.  Although she did give me full permission to pick the rest of the bathroom finishes, I know I will never hear the last of some of my choices.;-)  Today I will finish the remaining two walls around the tub and get our access panel cut below the tub, prior to tiling the front.  Not sure if I'll finish all that today or not, but that is the plan.  After that, the biggest project of all, the walk-in shower.

Two  steps forward, one step back.  We were in the process of mounting our microwave/range hood the other day, when we discovered, much to our dismay, that HVAC  had mounted the external vent duct about four inches too low. :-(  The only way to tackle that was to open up the wall, add an extension, and close everything back up again.  Very disappointing, but what can you do?  We tried to think of any work-arounds to it, but in the end knew the only way to do it right was to tear it out and redo it.

Still need to finish two walls to the left and the front of the tub.  Then grout and move on to the the walk-in shower.

Cutting that hole in the kitchen wall (even though it will be hidden behind the microwave/hood) was a painful step.
Still needs grout, but almost complete.

Turned out better than we had hoped.  Am glad Debra overcame my objections on this tile job!