Thursday, May 1, 2014

5/1/2014 Tedious, but necessary steps


We're still moving forward, but the time spent vs. progress shown has dropped off significantly.  I read somewhere once that when building a house, the last ten percent takes ninety percent of your time.  I'm certainly a believer now.  We are now down to the final interior details of doors, trim, casings, and baseboard.  This requires a LOT of staining since we are doing everything from scratch in order to get the exact color we want.  There aren't too many things I hate more than painting, but staining is one of them.  Luckily we do well at sharing responsibilities, so Debra has taken on all the staining, and I have been doing the cutting, staging, and final two coats of poly.  This week I'll start cutting in the door hardware and nailing up casings and hanging doors as they are complete.  As soon as we get this task under control, we'll order trim and baseboard material.  Soon we should have another set of pictures to show distinct progress.

Here's just a portion of what has taken over our basement while we stain and prep.