Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/2014 Another Completion

Another completion on the exterior for us to mark off.  This comes off the door at the back or our master suite, and will eventually open on to a small patio behind the house.  One of our local contractors did a beautiful job so we could free up our time for the interior trim.  This deck was done properly and will require no further attention from us, other than staining.

We continue to chip away at the trim and woodwork on the interior, intermixed with our regular jobs.  Both of us have been spending extra time at work, making less time available to work on the house.  Plus we have started dividing time with our old house in an attempt to get it ready for sale as quickly as we can.  The sale of the other house will release both funds and considerable stress and allow more time to dedicate to this one.

We still have more fill dirt to bring in, which will raise and level the ground at the base of the stairs.