Thursday, March 21, 2013

3/21/2013 Things are moving along quickly in my absence.


Things are moving along quickly in my absence.  The crew has finished framing the basement and installing the stairs.  No more sliding down that muddy hill outside to get into the basement through the lower walkout area.  Watersource was in yesterday putting in all the HVAC ductwork and cutting in for the registers.  Today the plumbers are coming back to finish the rest of the rough-in and do some partial shower installation in the main bathroom.  I found out they do not do shower pans, so I will have to tackle the custom sized shower base in our master bath, along with all the tile work myself.  Tomorrow the electricians are returning to finish the rest of their rough-in, so we can line up insulation and drywall. 

Real indoor stairs to the basement now!

Framing for windows and the lower level walk-out.

Lower level rooms all framed and ready for future expansion.