Friday, March 1, 2013

3/1/2013 Finished all rough carpentry inside yesterday


Finished all rough carpentry inside yesterday and the crews are out of here till next week.  The roofer came back today and says he will be finished by Monday.  Electrical showed up today ahead of our scheduled appointment.  It was my impression we were going to do our walk through only, thus giving me time to ask questions and let them know how much we intended to accomplish on our own.  What actually happened was they showed up over an hour early and had already installed quite a bit of the electrical before I even had a chance to talk to them or express our intentions.  Misunderstanding on both our parts, but things are back on track now.  The temporary furnace in the basement is working very well.  I think it's safe to say, we'll be thawed out enough for the plumbers to get back in to do rough-in by Monday.  Once that basement floor is finished, things will start happening too fast to keep track of.

Shingling the roof.