Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2/27/2013 More measurable progress today.


More measurable progress today.  The rest of the interior walls have been framed, the ceilings have been framed in the half of the house where they will be flat, and we now have some serious heat in the basement.  We also had walk-throughs by the plumber and the HVAC crew.  The temporary furnace down in the basement was generously provided by Watersource Heating and Cooling of Eau Claire, and I had a temporary propane tank dropped off to feed it.  We're seriously considering renaming our back yard "Dead Mans Hill".  The truck that delivered our propane tank slid down, and almost into the same area of pine trees as our fork lift did a  couple of weeks ago.  This time the fork lift was able to stay on level ground and pull the delivery rig out to safety.  We also had a dumpster delivered, and that truck too got stuck in a snow bank and had to shovel himself out.  There wasn't as much for me to help with today as the crew working on interior have a routine that moves fast and smooth, and trying to incorporate myself would do more harm than good.  Some days more gets done when I just stay the heck out of the way.  The roofer, after a very good start yesterday, did not show today.  No one is sure why, but we're hoping nothing bad has happened and he can still finish shingling before the weekend arrives.  Tomorrow our kitchen designer is coming to make final measurements for our cabinets, and Friday the electrician will be here for his walk through with me.  We're very excited to see the differences in the house at the end of each day.  Another benefit with the house being as remote as it is, was Mike the lead carpenter has repeatedly seen deer running past the front of the house down the hill from the front windows. :)

Ceilings in the north side of the house will be standard flat surfaces.

Mike, framing the sloped ceiling on the kitchen side.

Quite by accident we discovered we could run the angled wall in such a way as to leave a shelf along one entire half.  This will make a very nice display area for special items.

Mike and Tim positioning and tightening the second steel band on the truss bundle as part of an optional high wind package we spec'd with the house.