Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14/2013 Three inches of fresh wet snow fell last night

How many people can say they start their day by "shoveling snow.....OUT of their house"?  Three inches of fresh wet snow fell last night, and we needed to shovel and scrape the insides out to safely continue working on the roof today.  That same wet snow packed as hard as diamond with the passage of our 10,000 pound forklift.  About 20 minutes into our morning, the forklift slid down a slope on the ice and became stuck up against the pine trees.  After a fair amount of teeth gnashing, they put together enough chain and cable for them to self winch themselves out with the boom on the forklift.  One of the Mike's and I went to our local Town garage and picked up several tubs of road sand, which they used to "unslick" the surfaces around the house.  While this was going on, we brought in several of the large roof trusses for the round portion of the house and raised and mounted them by hand, ladder, and rope.  I wish I had pictures of that, but I was a busy member of that crew and could not step aside long enough for a photo op.  Well, as of tonight, ALL roof trusses are in place, both round and extension sections.  We also finished the end of the garage and changed it from two ten foot headers (one above each door) to one continuous twenty four foot header, for both strength and stability.  Another reason for the change is we still have not found a trace of the ten footers supposedly sent by Deltec.  They will most likely appear some time in the Spring when the snow melts in our staging area.  We had several hard falls on the packed snow/ice today as well, with self included.  Pretty sore tonight from both the physical exertion and the fall today.

Here's the sight that awaited us this morning.
A few minutes after this was taken, the forklift was wedged in the trees over on the right.

Finishing up the round roof, and preparing for the metal bands.

Framing out the garage openings.

Finishing up the last of the "straight" roof trusses.