Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/13/2013 More progress today

When I got back home last night and was showing Debra pictures from the build, she pointed out a discrepancy that all of us had missed that day.  We had transposed the numbers on the last two panels we put in just as it was getting dark, accidentally reversing them.  This gave us a large stairwell window above our bath tub, and a tiny bathroom window in the stairwell.  Luckily it was a simple fix that took 15 minutes to correct.  More embarrassing than inconvenient.  Thank goodness it was the last two panels in line, and not way back in the middle of the house!
More progress today, with the rest of the exterior walls having been put up.  We started the day by fitting the garage walls with knee wall extensions.  Because of a disconnect between drafting and construction, the garage walls were not poured as high as needed to match the Deltec wall panels.  Simple fix, but it slowed us down by 3/4 of a day to modify things.  We did complete the wall between the house and the garage, and all the exterior walls of the garage.  Before the day was over we had the temporary center pole up and had mounted 5 roof trusses (the last one by flashlight).  The ice has proven problematic for our Fork lift.  Even with 4 wheel drive we managed to get it stuck twice on the back side of the house trying to maneuver on the sloping north side.
We were thankful today for the availability of the experts at Deltec whenever we had concerns or questions.  Three separate phone calls or e-mails helped us clear up a few questions that arose as we progressed.
Garage walls going up today.

Just finished setting the center support pole.

Centering and temporary bracing for center support.
First roof truss going up!  We had five up before we quit for the day, but it was too dark for pictures.