Saturday, February 23, 2013

2/23/2013 Well, we survived the latest snowfall

Well, we survived the latest snowfall in a much better state of mind now that the roof is on and we don't have to worry about shoveling snow OUT of the house.  No work yesterday because of the storm, and nothing on the weekend, except I did put heat in the basement this afternoon.  Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday it'll be thawed out enough for the plumber to get in and do his thing.  Then we can finish leveling the Radon rock and get the floor insulation down so the Geothermal folks can do the in-floor heat.  I'm putting on a couple more pictures that show more of the house than previous.  Monday we also start putting up the interior walls, so the insides should move along rather quickly after that.

Looking back from the south.  Both patio doors and the basement picture windows are still blocked with insulation until their later installation.

Looking back from the west through the pines.  Kitchen window on the right and the two bedrooms on the left.