Saturday, March 2, 2013

3/2/2013 No work today


No work today, but drove out to the farm to check on the furnace and fuel supply and see how the basement thawing in coming along.  The frost and ice is melting nicely, and we're hoping it will be sufficiently defrosted for the plumber to do his thing on Monday.  Plus Debra wanted to see the interior results thus far.  (We're already measuring for furniture placement :-)  The roofer is almost finished and just has a portion of the garage to complete on Monday as well.  We finalized the last details on our kitchen and placed the order for the cabinets today.  One more batch of back-ordered tile for the entryway, and we'll have everything except the hardwood, which will also be ordered this coming week.  Like I said earlier, pretty soon everything is going to start happening at once and we may have to push some items back so we can get in and do the parts we want to do personally.

Having the shingles on really makes the house appear more like a house.

Looking about half way back up the hill from the south.  We've already discovered this makes a fantastic sledding area. .