Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15/2013 Another milestone


The electrician came in today to start his final hookups.  Outlets, lights, fans, etc. are moving along nicely.  It will be terrific now to work at night without dragging extension cords and portable lights around to get things done.  While the electrician was working in the house, I got to work on surfacing the first of the ten foot deck sections.  I did that for as long as I could tolerate the heat on the south side of the house, then I moved back in and finished the afternoon doing paint touch-up work.
Last week the fireplace installation crew came by and finished installing the chimney pipe and capped the top of the chimney race. They also dropped off the rest of the fireplace parts, so as soon as we finish the stone on the wall, we can install the fireplace front and the door.  It's pretty darned hot weather for a fire, but I don't care if it's 100 degrees when we get it all together.....I'm starting a fire in that thing!  Our mantle and hearth are sitting at the store waiting for us to take delivery of those big slabs, but I've been hoping to hold that off until our garage floor has been poured, so we can stage those heavy parts out there out of the way until we are ready to install them.
The hardwood flooring was dropped off Friday.  Now we're just trying our best to get the humidity down below 55% inside for at least 48 hours to acclimate it so we can start nailing it down.  Ah, visible progress.....Gotta love it!

This stack of flooring and two more just like it.

After my recent escapades with ladders, I was only too happy to let the experts climb up there and finish the chimney with no help from me.

Wiring up the Great Room