Friday, July 19, 2013

Details, Details, Details


People with anal retentive and/or OCD tendencies should not work on their own house.  I am constantly obsessing over little details that invariably cause any task to take twice as long as it should.  I've spent the last two days laying down the hardwood flooring, and each board has to be inspected and moved about until it looks just perfect.  If a tiny detail shows up on the next row, I'm just as likely to go back and pry up one or two to make it look the way I think it should.  This is all fine and dandy if you have all the time in the world, but we have deadlines to meet, and need to keep moving forward so we can actually live here some day.

First the vapor barrier paper must go down.

Next, several boxes of boards are opened and spread out to make sure patterns stay random and not too many of any size or color wind up in one spot.  We chose reclaimed hickory for our wood.

Next comes the layout.  Random spacing for the different size and color variance boards make or break a good looking wood floor.

Since there are no really "straight" walls on which to anchor our layout, we decided to use the fireplace as our focal point.  The whole house will follow this angle and pattern.

The floor will be continuous throughout, with no breaks between  rooms.