Sunday, July 7, 2013

7/8/2013 Lots accomplished in a short time.


Lots accomplished in a short time.  Now that we are in charge of what happens and when, we are able to coordinate tasks to keep moving ahead, and not wait for someone else to decide when we're important enough to have work done.
We finished painting the entire interior over the long weekend.  Two coats of vapor seal primer (20 gallons), two coats of flat ceiling paint (10 gallons), two coats of primary color (14 gallons), and three accent walls (4 gallons).  Had we not sprayed everything except the accent colors, I believe we would have been at it for another week!  We're very happy with the results, and except for some touch-up, we shouldn't have to do any more painting for a long time.  Fitted in amongst all the painting, we had to uninstall our front and back doors (that someone else had installed incomplete) and reinstall them correctly, and for the first time, fully functional.  The next big ticket item will be our hardwood flooring to be delivered the end of this week.  While we're waiting for that we are continuing to work on the deck when time and weather permit, and are about to finish up with the last of the concrete for the garage and front sidewalk.  The garage doors are waiting to be installed as soon as concrete is poured too.

Getting ready to apply the second coat of primer.

Half of the wall in the great room.
Spare bedroom accent color

Finally!  We have an actual WORKING front door.