Saturday, August 10, 2013

8-10-2013 Simple things


Sometimes you get so wrapped up in big picture things that wear you out and wear you down, that you miss the fun of something simple.  We learned a new skill today, that would probably not impress anyone but us.  We learned how to make stairs.  Not graceful winding "Gone With The Wind" impressive stairs, but just a simple little two step, three rise set of stairs.  We've been using ramps, scrap lumber, and ladders to get in the house since we started, but with the completion of our concrete pour, we could finally make something permanent and SAFE to get inside.  Again, nothing fancy, just lumber left over that we felt was not good enough to be used on the deck.  A little trimming of the rough edges, and voila......stairs.

No more slippery narrow ramps to get in the house.

The ramp on the right was how we were getting up on the deck before we had the sidewalk poured.