Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/22/2013 Order (sort of) From Chaos


Spent the day unpacking cabinets, and clearing access for the movers who are coming with household goods tomorrow.  We're not ready to move in just yet, but the basement and garage will make better storage for household goods than the place we've been paying storage on for the last year.  Tomorrow is going to be wild.  The drywall finisher is coming bright and early to finish fire taping the garage drywall.  The movers are going to be there about 0900 to deliver all my stuff that's been stored ever since I sold my house in Chippewa Falls a year ago July, and our kitchen designer is coming about noon to inspect and help make sense of the truckload of boxes we have taking over most of the house.  I spent a sizeable portion of the day unpacking said boxes and setting all our cabinets out to inventory and inspect.  We plan on starting to hang the wall cabinets this weekend, so am really pumped right now.  Another skill we'll be learning on the fly (with a little help from You Tube).  Debra, with her usual enthusiasm, thinks we can get most of it done this weekend.  Her optimism makes me smile and keeps me trying hard to live up to her expectations.  This is my same loving wife who thought we'd finish drywalling the whole house in a weekend. :)