Thursday, August 15, 2013

8/15/2013 Garage Doors

8/15/2013  Another visual progress item finished today.  Finally after a very lengthy stretch, the stars have aligned in such a way as to provide us with finished and installed garage doors.  The doors were ordered and received clear back in February, but without a concrete floor to set them to, we were never able to have them delivered and installed.  Now, at last we have a fully secured house, and can start staging some items out of paid storage into the garage so we can move them in as we finish rooms inside.

We decided to let the pros take care of this installation.  I would have preferred to do it myself, but can't take the time right now, and we really want this garage closed in and secure finally.  I'll add the openers myself later.

Ta Daaaaa, or some such fanfare as needed. :)  We didn't put any windows in the garage, so the glass high in the doors was a compromise that will allow some natural light while maintaining some security for the contents.  you'd have to stand on a ladder to see in these windows.