Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/13/2013 Lots of STUFF


The kitchen cabinets were delivered yesterday.  I find myself saying with increasing frequency....."What have we gotten ourselves into now?"  I was expecting a large quantity of material, but not as many odd containers as we received.  As soon as I'm able to get my hands on a good quality self leveling laser level, we will begin laying out the wall cabinets and preparing to start hanging them.  I've purchased two laser levels and returned same so far.  The first one was a cheaply made Johnson Level and parts of it were already broken.  When I opened the box, lots of little shards of plastic tumbled out.  I returned that one and went out and bought a much nicer Bosch (at 4X the price).  The Bosch self leveling laser  wouldn't actually "level".  On a wall twelve feet wide, it was consistently 5/8" higher on one side.  I thought initially we had a floor problem on that wall, but after some experimenting, it didn't matter where in the house I pointed the laser, it was always 5/8" low on the same side, and something appeared to be loose inside the unit.  So, that one went back to the store too.  I almost purchased a much larger unit (at more than double even the Bosch price), but both boxes in the store had obviously been opened and returned to store stock.  That made me curious enough to go online and do a little research.  I found that the Johnson unit at almost $500 was universally panned and was notoriously inaccurate, according to consumer feedback.  So I'm back to square one, which will most likely result in my ordering one online tonight.  We're anxious to get started on the kitchen, but not until we have the appropriate equipment.  In the mean time I still have the master bathroom and the entry way  to finish tiling, and the deck railings to finish,  so it's not like we will run out of things to do in the near term.

Large boxes are cabinets, and skinny boxes are glass doors, trim, and hardware.


Another view, and to gain some perspective, the tall box on the right is just over seven feet tall.