Saturday, April 20, 2013


Almost done with drywalling the flat ceilings in the rest of the house today.  Just a few pieces plus the front portion of the garage to finish tomorrow, then the insulation folks can come in and seal it all up.  The new attic stairs came Friday.  We had to return the ones we purchased earlier because they were not "fire rated".  The firewall between the house and the garage is actually the 5/8 drywall garage ceiling, and a regular set of wooden steps would have compromised the firewall according to our building inspector.  No local big box store handles them, so had to go online to pick up a set. 

The crew was there Wednesday and Thursday finishing the siding and putting in the exterior doors.  The permanent front door has not arrived yet, so we have a "blank" in place temporarily so they could side around it and get the frame installed.

Here it is April 15th and there are snow flakes the size of chicken feathers pouring down!  We got about 3 inches in a couple of hours of very wet slushy snow.  Enough already!!

Almost finished with the flat ceilings.

We can finally visualize what the house will look like with all the siding on (minus the actual front door for now).  The basement level will be finished later with a trowel on stucco kind of finish, and Debra and I will put mortar and stone on the chimney.  Still waiting for the ground to dry more so we can get the pilings in the ground and finish the deck portion.