Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Rain, rain, go away.  We are shin deep in mud out at the site now, with no end in sight to the rain.  Well, it might stop raining for a little while, but only because it's going to change over to snow later tonight.  They're talking about a potential 12 inches of snow only a few miles to our north!  The exterior doors and the metal interior doors were delivered this morning, but no installation, and no more siding work until the weather clears a little. 
My geometry lessons are coming along nicely thanks to the templates Debra set up before she had to go back to work Monday.  It really helps make consistent cuts on all those individual angles.  Not every angle is perfect however so there are still plenty of "adjustments" that need to be made in order to get things aligned.  Debra had to attend a conference in the cities today, but I was still able to finish the vaulted ceiling in the south half of the house.  Tomorrow I'll begin work on the flat ceilings in the rest of the place.
Debra and I went out last night and put down what are called "straw blankets" on much of the hill in front in an attempt to stabilize it and minimize washout from all the rain.  Hopefully we can hold things in place till it warms up enough for the seed to take hold and put down roots on that bare slope.

The mud is making everything more difficult.
Straw blankets to stabilize the hillside.

Lots and lots of cutting and fitting.  We used both glue and screws.  we do NOT want popped screws or a cracked ceiling from movement later.