Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4/3/2013 Final measurements for drywall


Had to run down to the farm last night after work to get final measurements for drywall so we could place the order today.  If the stars align we will be putting the sheetrock on the ceilings this weekend so we can get the insulators in next week.  When I got there I found they had gotten the basement windows and patio door installed, the electrician had finished wiring in the panels, and Watersource had been there to install our Geothermal furnace.  Today the crew are there finishing the soffit and putting on the siding.

The primary electrical panel fully installed.  We also had them install a sub panel so we can safely run an emergency generator in the event we have a lengthy power outage out here in the country.

Our new Geothermal heating/cooling system from WaterFurnace.

Windows and doors installed in the lower level walk-out.