Sunday, April 7, 2013


For all those times I may have wondered out loud, "what on earth will I ever need to learn geometry for out in the real world?"  Well, lesson learned, and I'm ready to cry "uncle".  Drywalling the ceiling in a round house ranks right up there with the top reasons to pay attention in geometry class.  I'm sure if we had turned this job over to the professionals it would have been done in a day or two, but hey, where's the fun in that? It's turning out to be way more challenging than we thought it would be, but that has just made us all the more determined to stick with it to the finish.  Debra and I are going to sheet rock the whole house, but our imagined timeline is going to stay on that same fantasy list as our original building budget.  This is the sort of thing that will test your relationship with your spouse or partner when you tackle a job like this together.  I'm happy to report that we work well together and complement each others strengths and weaknesses.  We really love working together on projects like this, especially when the end result is going to be such a special dream home.  There will be an incalculable amount of sweat equity invested in this home that will truly make it our own.

 We're gradually building speed on this project as we "learn the angles", so to speak.