Thursday, April 25, 2013


The gentlemen from Ultimate Insulation have been great to work with thus far.  Professional and patient with the homeowner (that's us), and don't require that we interpret through our GC for every little thing.  I stopped in this afternoon after my conference and they were ahead of schedule on the insulation.  All the living areas, to include the basement are done, along with half the attic.  They figure on finishing up by lunch time tomorrow.  You can actually feel the difference in the house as soon as you walk inside.  I'll personally vouch for the sound proof abilities of Nu Wool.  It's difficult to explain, but the air seems so still, or the sounds so muted.  I can't really decide how to describe it other than you can really tell how the house seems to absorb sound.  We're very pleased with both the product and the applicators.
I had enough time to put up several sheets of drywall on the walls before I had to get home, so am feeling confident that the wall application is going to go much faster than the ceiling.

Blowing insulation into the attic

The basement walls have a protective mesh applied to hold the insulation in place till we get around to drywalling at a later date. 

The upper gable wall is insulated since it backs up to the attic, essentially making it an outside wall.