Friday, April 5, 2013

4/5/2013 Well, the north slope has claimed another victim.


Well, the north slope has claimed another victim.  This time it's the mud not ice.  Our first load of drywall for the ceiling arrived and the delivery truck got a little too far out in the area that is melting.  It took some digging and cribbing, but they finally got out without having to call a wrecker.  Before I knocked off to go to work tonight, I symbolically raised the first piece of drywall to the ceiling in preparation for hanging it tomorrow.  Debra and I will go to work and try to finish as much of the ceiling as possible this weekend (we're hoping all of it), so that we can stay on track to have the insulators in late next week.


Mud has replaced ice as our largest obstacle now.

All large tasks must start with one small step.  The first of many sheets of drywall going up.

Starting to get the rest of the siding on.  Still waiting for the front door to arrive though.